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ARISE EDUCATIONAL & HEALTH FOUNDATION was formed in 2000 and registered as an NGO under the Societies Registration Act 1860, bearing registration No. 0114 dated September 2005.

As soon as ARISE was registered, a tragedy hits the whole nation on October 08, 2005 in form of an earthquake. People of Pakistan and also the Government of Pakistan faced the biggest challenge and crisis that time. Impact of earthquake was so horrible. Whole nation stood and put their best efforts for the relief of affected people, We also contributed by making our efforts in helping those who suffered that day.


The vision of ARISE is to remove barriers of class and privilege and to make the citizens of Pakistan Agents of Positive Change. We believe that access to basic education and health facilities are the right of each individual and not a privilege.

ARISE is striving to turn its vision into a reality by taking steps which benefits not only the people but a nation as a whole.

Major activities governed by ARISE are:

Free distribution of copies among the needy students of various Government Schools on annual basis.
Free medical camps in various areas to provide the medical care and health facilities to poor.
Free distribution of necessities and utilities like food stuff among the deprived people.
Free distribution of booklets that helps in character building of prisoners in various jails of Sindh Province.
Free distribution of foods and beverages among deserving people during the holy month of Ramadan.
Free distribution of Sewing machines to widows and worthy women in order to help and ensure their living and prosperous life.

As you are aware of difficulties faced by Pakistan in form of economical and security crisis, ARISE is involved in the community services like Education and Health Sectors to facilitate the poor and needy peoples for quite long time with limited resources.

In this regard, we would inform you that all the events of ARISE are conducted by self generated funds which are usually collected by our volunteers from their relatives and friends circle. Accordingly, we now look forward to spread and enhance our program in order to help and support as many people as we can. Challenged are hefty and to overcome them we need massive support from you in term of Donations and Charities like Zakat, etc.